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    2020-09-24 09:18


    许多学习生活中的烦恼都会使人产生压力,为了更好地发现及解决同学们中存在的心理压力问题,你们班特意开展了一次以"Less Pressure, Better Life"为主题的英语演讲比赛,请你准备发言稿,谈谈你的一些缓解压力的`好办法,与同学分享,内容包括:

    (1) 同学们中普遍存在的压力是什么;

    (2) 我的压力是什么;

    (3) 我是如何成功缓解我的压力的。



    Less Pressure, Better Life

    Hello, boys and girls!

    Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. Students in our class are under too much pressure. Some students can’t get on well with their classmates, while others may worry about their exams.

    I’m always under pressure, too. My parents want me to be the top student in class. So they send me to all kinds of after-classes at weekends. Last Monday evening, I had a talk with my mother. I told her I was not lazy. I really felt tired. I needed time to relax. My mother agreed with me at last. So I think a conversation with parents is necessary to solve the problem.

    That’s all. Thank you!

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